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Learn together.

Compete together.

Grow close together.

Discover the sport that helps you connect heart strings with your kids 

Work and school all day.

Grab a quick dinner. Running late...

Split up to take Spencer to soccer and Gabby to dance. 

Watch from the lobby or sideline while we scroll through our feeds.

Come home and crash. 

REPEAT 3-5 nights/week...

Here's the thing

Youth sports are AMAZING and many of us have benefitted from them deeply🙋‍♂️

But if we aren't careful, they can leave us with some scary relational gaps with our kids. It's easy to look up and ask ourselves wondering:

"how did we lose our kids hearts? Why don't they want to hang out with us anymore?"

The answer is often tragic--we helped them find another team.

So how do we keep their hearts? This is a big question, but we believe one part of the answer is... Pickleball?

We aren't saying that your kids shouldn't play soccer or sign up for dance (my kids are involved in both of these!)

But what if there was a sport that was easy to learn, easy to play, and allowed you to grow closer with your kids and your spouse for DECADES?
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